Gun Mayhem

First to say

Gun Mayhem – One of the most played games is still attractive today. Supporting up to 4 players at once, customizable characters, over 60 different shotguns, 12 completely different maps and many other cool features makes Gun Mayhem worldwide famous.

Review of Gun Mayhem

Well, the game comes with four unique playing modes, Last Man Standing, One Shot One Kill, Gun Game and Duck Defense. Here we are going to define each of the four.
Last Man Standing – (two sub-modes, single and team modes) is free for all. Last player alive wins the game. Weapons are picked up on crates.
One Shot One Kill – given the most powerful gun in the game, eliminate your opponents. Be mindful of ammo consumption, as you are given only 5 shots per life.
Gun Game – gives you an opportunity to kill your opponents and level up your weapons. First player to get a kill with all the weapons wins the game.
Duck survival – Play by yourself or with a friend and survive as long as possible. Random weapons can be obtained through crates or the random weapon box.
The game also allows the player to play with four other team-mates. Another cool stuff about Gun Mayhem is that the keys for different players can be manually adjusted from the options in the main menu. The setting bar also lets you adjust other options too… For further details you should launch the game and enter yourself on the options.

Dear, if you don’t believe me check out what people are saying about it.
Player1: “I found it too easy actually finished it in 10 minutes...”
Player2: “nice game” (Maybe this guy is very lazy)"
Player3: “Best Game Ever SO Addictive I Can’t Stop Playing It.”
Well, you see more and more people are addicted to playing this stunning game.

Gun Mayhem 3

Last season, we got an update from Gun Mayhem. Yes that’s right! Here is Gun Mayhem 3 with advanced capabilities, improved graphics and all the bugs fixed (actually none found). The game comes with updated interface and different colors in it. It again comes out with campaign and custom modes, but there is one thing added… It is challenges…After completing some levels you get the level up.


Here, in this article we talked about all the cool stuff about Gun Mayhem and reviewed what I had found cool about it. The game itself involves excitement and advanced features which a number of people are addicted to. Gun Mayhem is an action game which is compatible with all the players spending time online. If you are an action games player this game is right for you. We kindly ask you to share the game with your friends, this way our website will live longer than ever. Any donation will be appreciated. So, start playing right away!

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